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Carlos Valverde has dedicated his career to the  promotion of traditional culture in Brazil. Bearing in mind the tradition of Pifano, a traditional bamboo flute from the Northeast of his country, he disseminates his music and transmits his passion through countless concerts in France, Europe and Brazil.

Diploma and Qualifications


Master of Musicology

Toulouse Jean Jaurès University (2014

Diploma in Studies in Traditional Music - Toulouse Regional Conservatory (2013)

Competence and Talent Visa granted by France to work in musical relations in France and Brazil ( 2011)

Diploma in Anthropology (2006


Carlos VALVERDE is at the origin of several musical groups around the Pifano: 

Flautins Matuá (Brazil - Campinas)

Maracajú (France - Amiens) 


Forró Pifado (France - Toulouse) 


La Pifada (France - Toulouse) 


Baraúna (France - Toulouse)

Other Professional Activities

Artistic Director of the Printemps du Forró Festival in Toulouse (6th edition for 2021)


Artistic Director of the Group La Pifada and of Collectif du Pife


Professor of Songs and Dance at Jean Jaurès University (Toulouse) 


Teacher of dances and music at MJC Ponts de Demoiselles and Simbora association


Programmer of Brazilian events in the cultural space La Candela and La Maison Blanche


Professor at the Occitan Conservatory - COMDT Toulouse (2013/2018

Participates in schools in the municipality of Toulouse


Carlos VALVERDE – Pedra Turmalina (CD en preparation Sept. 2020)

Le Collectif du Pife – (2019)

Forró Pifado – Forró de Printemps (2015)

Escambo (2014)

Flautins Matuá – Fuá Na Cidade (2010)


Carlos VALVERDE-Forró Magnético

Carlos Valverde Solo

La Pifada Avec Mestre Joao Do Pife

Le Collectif du Pife

La Pifada 


Forró Pifado

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