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Carlos Valverde - Flûtes
Laurent Cavalier - Voice and percussion
Guilhem Verger - Accordion
Production / o + SilO +

Carlos Valverde is a pifeiro: he plays the pifano, the bamboo flute from Northeast Brazil. This 6 or 8-hole transverse flute, made of taboca (a kind of bamboo), is a traditional instrument of indigenous, African and European cultures. With this flute, he carries a whole world, a whole culture, or rather, cultures. Those of the first peoples of the Amazon and those resulting from the bubbling of rhythms and melodies of which Brazil is the pot. Laurent Cavalié is a singer, percussionist and poet. Through his Occitan language and drums, he also carries an entire world, a poetry from his land fed by the poetic voices carried by all popular cultures. The two decided to meet and make this common attachment to the music of their roots vibrate, and propose a creation of texts, rhythms and melodies. They join forces for this creation with Guilhem Verger, accordionist and composer, approaching music with a freedom that can transcend borders.

Résidence réception / Les Trad'Hivernales Festival, Le Piano-Tiroir de Balaruc-les-Bains, Convivencia Festival co-organized with Samba Resille, Thau Festival co-organized with the Mèze branch of CRI de Sète and Thau, Le Club in Rodez
Support: Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Occitanie, Occitanie Regional Council, Adami, Spedidam Broadcast support / Occitanie en Scène

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