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The Collectif du Pife comes to celebrate the meeting of an ancestral Brazilian tradition through a bamboo flute, which connects worlds and people.
Thanks to its production, its transmission and its melodies, Carlos was able to form a large family which began at the end of the 90s in Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil) with the creation of the group Flautins Matuá. In 2007, with his first visit to France, he brought the Pífano seed in his pocket. This is how this instrument crossed the ocean and how it emerged from the group of pifanos Maracaju in Amiens.
Later, in 2012, while teaching at the Occitan Conservatory -COMDT, new members joined this large family, thus forming the La Pifada group in Toulouse, in the south of France.

During all these years, he always organized annual meetings with several masters of this tradition. They gave more and more the strength to continue to follow this beautiful path.
Carlos had the opportunity to bring the three groups from Brazil and France together several times in a single project, and this is how the Collectif du Pife was born.

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