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(Concert on stage)
With a repertoire of compositions inspired by the oral tradition and Brazilian traditional musics, in particular the bands of pífanos (bamboo flutes). His compositions bring the rhythms and colors of traditional Brazilian music connected to the world of today.
This current project is based on the sound of three original instruments: Le Pífano, La Viola (Brazilian guitar with 10 strings) and Rabeca (Brazilian Violin). Around these three melodic and harmonic instruments are added a set of traditional percussions from Brazil (Zabumba, Triangle, Pandeiro, Ganzá).

Carlos Valverde creates a magnetic field in his concert, and brings a strong interaction with the public, through songs and dances.
The concert has a strong influence of Forró parties and other different rhythms of popular culture in Brazil. (Xote, Baiao, Maracatu, Arrastapé, Caboclinho, Cavalo Marinho …).

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