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Art education and transmission

Carlos VALVERDE has met throughout his career various masters, who have passed on their knowledge of traditional music, and with whom he continues to interact and work.

In an approach of oral transmission of his music, faithful to the tradition of his instrument and his culture, Carlos VALVERDE makes pífanos and transmits his passion through numerous workshops. Currently he gives, Brazilian dance and music at Jean Jaurès University in Toulouse, at the MJC pont des demoiselles and at the La Candela association.

Traditionnal Brazilian Songs and Dances

Carlos is passionate about the dances and songs of his country, living them since his youth. His passion is communicative and contagious, he knows how to transmit the essence of these movements in a unique way. They can be collective, circular or couple dances.

Traditional dance and song workshops (Forró, Coco, Toré, Cavalo Marinho and Ciranda)

One workshop can address one, two or more types of dance.

Maximum number of participants: 25

Duration: 1h30 minimum

Public: all levels


Introduction to Brazilian percussion and rythms


Learning the traditional rhythms of Northeast Brazil.

Through the different techniques that allow the recognition of the body and the rhythm, the meaning of the workshop is to develop a body language adapted to the music and vice versa. The rhythms presented will be Coco, Xaxado, Xote, Ciranda and Baião.

Will be used the traditional percussion instruments, such as triangles, agogos, zabumbas, pandeiros, ganzas and etc. All these instruments are provided.

Public: all levels

Maximum number of participants: 20

Duration: from 2 hours

Workshops of Pífano

The pífano is a 6-hole transverse flute made from a bamboo.

It is a traditional instrument of the Brazilian northeast region and it is derivated of the contact of the meeting from Indian, African and European cultures.

The Bandas de Pífano are traditional formations made up of two pífanos accompanied by percussions.

Manufacturing of Pífanos

The workshop offers the discovery of the manufacturing process, Tuning, materials used, sound production and curiosities of this bamboo flute.

Each participant leaves with his pífano.

Maximum number of participants: 10 people

Duration: 3 to 6 hours.

Target audience: from 14 years old.

Materials are provided

Pífano Practice

Levels 1: Introduction to the instrument, its technique, the first steps to play.

Levels 2: Oral transmission of the traditional repertoire.

Learning dance movements related to the performance of the pieces.

Immersion in the world of pífano by practice.


Maximum number of participants: 10 people

Duration: 2h to 4h


Video-conference on the Brazilian Pífano


Through audio, photographic and video documents, this conference offers the discovery of one of the oldest wind instruments in Brazil, as well as the greatest masters and representatives of this tradition.

Technical needs: a room that allows total darkness,

A video projector and speakers

Duration 1h30

Online Workshops

RAMA 3.png

Carlos Valverde offers online workshops, individual or in groups: learning Pífano and initiation to the different rhythms and percussions like the Triangle, Zabumba, Pandeiro.

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